• Hand stand  - A4 Sienna
  • Hand stand  - A4 Sienna
  • Hand stand  - A4 Sienna
  • Hand stand  - A4 Sienna
  • Hand stand  - A4 Sienna
  • Hand stand  - A4 Sienna

Hand stand - A4 Sienna

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by Actively Conscious

A4 Screen-printed Handstand Pose
(Adho Mukha Vrksasana)

A4 (210mm x 297mm)

Actively Conscious prints are locally printed in Manchester, UK by an independent studio. Each print is screen-printed by hand in small limited edition batches using a traditional silk-screen method, using water-based eco-friendly inks on FSC certified and reclaimed luxury quality papers.

  • Soy-based black ink printed on fine-grade textured fresco paper (creme colour)

  • FSC Certified premium textured paper with natural flecks of brewers grain, hops & barley which are captured from the beer-making process and recycled into the paper.

  • Eco Fact: The mill that makes this paper gets up to 75% of its electrical current using regenerative energy

  • Printed in Manchester UK

  • Each print is individually signed, numbered & includes a certificate of authenticity

  • All prints come unframed

  • Artwork Copyright © 2021 Actively Conscious


About this brand…

Actively Conscious - Female-founded by Chloé Lennox in 2016, Actively Conscious is a purpose-drive brand created with a desire to do things differently. Chloé's background lies with a decade in the fashion industry, where she as spent the last decade designing for small to large British fashion brands.


This product meets the following values

After spending a decade in the industry, Chloé's increased awareness of the industry manufacturing practices inspired her by how things should be done better. Chloé was driven to create a functional brand with purpose. Guided by sustainable and transparent principles to create a high-quality lifestyle products inspired by yoga & meditation whilst looking after the people who made the goods and the planet in the process.   

Gender advocacy   Natural ingredients   Plastic free  Celebrating independent creators


This product has the following Values:

  • Celebrating independent designers and creators
  • Gender Advocacy
  • Plastic free
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