Lara Carballo of Cotton Cloud

by Fatima Khan

Spanish mom and entrepreneur talks about her German brand of BPA free silicon products designed to spark the imaginations of little children.


Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey as a female founder of a sustainable business

I am Lara, the founder .   I am a Spanish mom of two living in Germany. My passion was interior design and travelling till I became a mom, then my perspective and my priorities changed. My goal was not to travel and work abroad anymore, but to be able to raise my children and not being far away from them because of my job.



The cotton cloud was at the beginning a small project, without  expectations. It all started during my maternity leave (from my first daughter), and it was the way I found to be not just a mom, but also a working woman. I felt the need to have a small project (besides motherhood) and focus a little bit on me as well. I wanted to create products for my daughter that were not so easy to find at that moment in the German market.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Cotton Cloud products are designed to be durable and long lasting products that children can enjoy for years to come. Our products are free from toxins. Our silicone is food grade silicone, highly pure and free from BPA, Phalatos, cadmium and lead. At The Cotton Cloud, the clips used and the wooden beads are made in Germany and are free of any preparation or varnish: natural wood, native and respectful of your baby.

How do you design your sustainable products

It usually start with an idea, a picture on my mind. But an idea on a paper is one thing, and another thing is real life. Sometimes it just not work. You need to have in mind that practicality and usability is a must, and during the process you need to think like a child, and ask yourself a lot of questions. Usually the final product differs a lot from the original idea, the design evolves during the creative process.

Where inspires you?

There is inspiration everywhere! but my kids have a big role in this.

What is your favorite product so far and why?


My favorite products are the suction plates. They are so useful and fun!

So who are Alfie, Pippa and Milo really and what is their story?

Alfie, Pippa and Milo are the core of the brand. Every one of them have their own personality. For example, Milo loves nature and dances salsa, Pippa loves superheroes and Alfie´s passion is baking. Each of the characters can be a little friend during the childhood, accompanying children during the childhood.


What is next for cotton cloud?

Lunch boxes. Still a few months for the release but I am looking forward!

 What do you want your customers to experience when they buy your products?

Happiness, security and satisfaction.

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